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Project Description

MVVM Utils is a set of classes which extends existing MVVM Frameworks such as MVVM Light, Prism, Cinch. Only WPF supported.


  • Validation - cutomizable error and validation management by using ErrorContainer, DataErrorInfoProvider and ValidationProvider; see: Validation
  • DialogService and WindowService - UI interaction code without any reference to the View layer; see: Dialog Service
  • UiDispatcher - UI dispatcher using SynchronizationContext
  • ConcurrentObservableCollection - dispatched thread-safe observable collection
  • PropetyObserver - strongly typed property observer on INotifyPropertyChanged

Source description

  • MvvmLightSample - a little WPF MvvmLight application which uses MvvmUtils main features
  • MvvmUtils
    • Pellared.Common - small, but universal utlility library (you can check the code by your own)
    • MvvmUtils - MVVM Utils library
    • SalaryBook - a sample application where I test the MVVM Utils (uses MVVM Light ,but with ViewModel first approach, and FluentValidation)


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